Daiwa Rabin is Ideal for De-burring!

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Daiwa Rabin is Ideal for De-burring of Specific Areas!

Ensuring absense of burrs!

De-burring can be performed by various methods and tools, including files, brushes, grinding stones,  paper tools, special cutting tools for deburring, cutters, knives, barrels, blast-shot, water-jet, specially-shaped tools, gel (special device), chemicals, heat, and electrolysis, and at the same time, processing methods that do not give rise to burrs are also being researched, however, each of these have certain limitations and issues, which pose a big problem during manufacturing.

Daiwa Rabin is ideal for performing a stable mass-production de-burring process without involving too much efforts or cost.

  • No need to be concerned over secondary burrs. Daiwa Rabin also prevents any burrs from remaining behind or over-cutting of the material.
  • Mass production performance … This is an excellent performance of Daiwa Rabin, which is most different from what can be expected from a rubber grinding stone.
  • This is a feature that is unique to Daiwa Rabin that is also widely used in removing cutting marks from metal dies with a high hardness, cutting burrs from forged products, and even cutting marks from difficult-to-cut materials such as SUS and nickel alloys.
  • There is no problem such as chattering, clogging, widening or falling out of the brush, wearout of the edge of the blade, or a problem with the built-up edge, which are commonly seen with grinding wheels, and therefore, not much efforts are needed for tool management.
  • Because the polishing powder is made into a very fine abrasive powder, the concern over sudden scratches occurring from faceting can be reduced.
    * The reason that the state of the polishing powder and the facet is different from that in grinding wheels and cutting tools is that the mechanism of rubber elasticity has a different aspect as compared to these tools.
    * Proper care must be taken when there is too much variation in the processing state.
  • There is no need to make detailed settings with a dedicated dresser in the truing process, which means that dressing can also be performed easily in a short period of time, without having to stop the workflow.
  • Because Daiwa Rabin need not be used at a high speed and the cutting quality is also good, heat generation can be controlled to a large extent, thus preventing damage caused by heat.
  • We munufacture various shapes and sizes of grinding stones in accordance with areas that are hard to process and limitations of the equipment used.

* We can provide the specifications that will best suit your needs depending on the limitations of the work areas and equipment
in order for you to achieve automation and save power during machining and on the NC lathe, and other metal-cutting machine tools and dedicated machines.

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