1.Daiwa Rabin is a rubber grinding stone.

Elastic rubber grinding stone : Features of the Daiwa Rabin
An ideal grinding stone must "cut", "polish", and "last long"!
Risks Concerning Rubber Elasticity
Daiwa Rabin is a grinding stone made of elastic rubber.
Making use of rubber elasticity
Daiwa Rabin is not a grinding wheel?


NEW offset series
GWO :  For heavy duty grinding
RNF :  For finishing
(PDF file) (ZIP file) (PDF file) (ZIP file)
Hex shank Rubber grinding stone
for Impact driver
(PDF file) (ZIP file)
Feature and Usages of Different Material Type
CM、OX、UN、Diamond Rabin
Feature of the Daiwa Light
Cuts and Polishes with a Soft Touch
Daiwa Rabin・digital catalog
Erastic rubber grinding stone“Daiwa Rabin” (PDF) (ZIP)
Polishing & Deburring Kit
A variety kit that includes CM, OX, and Diamond types.


Daiwa Rabin is ideal for De-burring!
"Ensuring absence of burrs!"
Materials and process
Deburring,polishing,maintenance,hairline processing

4.You may go for actual testing of the product for fast and accurate selection!

Guide for selection
In order to select the ideal product for your work
Reqests During Selection of Grinding Stone
De-burring,mirrored finish,scratch?
Guide for safety
Daiwa Rabin is a rubber grinding stone.

5.Contact us

SimpleDressing Some of the frequently asked questions
Doesn't Daiwa Rabin wear out soon?
What are the recommended conditions?
Inquiry,Comments and requests/When you have a problem
Feel free to contact us in this regard



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