1.Daiwa Rabin is a rubber grinding stone Features of the Daiwa Rabin

An ideal grinding stone must "cut", "polish", and "last long"!

Daiwa Rabin is a rubber grinding stone

The expansion of the potential of rubber grinding stones through the rubber design and the special abrasive grain (*CM type) developed by Daiwa Kasei, as well as the "rubber elasticity", which is a feature of rubber grinding stones,
has helped receive a high evaluation indicating that "It's 'Daiwa Rabin' that comes to the mind when one says rubber grinding stones".

Daiwa Rabin image

Daiwa Rabin image

Daiwa Rabin image

The most prominent feature of Daiwa Rabin is its excellent cutting quality
that has changed the image that "rubber grinding stones are for polishing".

  • It not only removes the processing marks from direct carving of metal forging dies, cutting marks on difficult-to-cut materials such as SUS and heat resistant alloys, burrs of forged parts such as the crank shaft, and ultra-high hardness, but also processing marks from the grinding and cutting process to provide a fine polished surface.
  • It enables stable bulk processing during de-burring.
  • It is best suited for automation, combined with excellent durability and clog resistance.

The rubber elasticity ensures smoothening of polishing marks, thereby
resolving surface roughness and preventing deep polishing lines from occurring.

  • The need for fine engraving of a mesh is done away with, which leads to a reduction in the process. Also, the final finishing task becomes easier.
  • It can also be used safely in turbine blades of aeroplanes and nuclear power generation, where polishing lines and residual stress is not desired, in notched parts where stress gets accumulated, and even in sealing surfaces.

Operation can be performed continuously without having to worry about clogging.

  • It can be used for continuous polishing, without dressing, during polishing of the casting surface of aluminum die cast exterior parts that involve high workload, and also during removal of cutting marks from aluminum metallic molds and compressor sprawl parts.

By adjusting the usage conditions and making use of rubber elasticity, excellent cutting quality can be exhibited, and by using the grinding stone under less load,
the life of the grinding stone can be improved. If operation is performed in accordance with the requirements for Daiwa Rabin, a longer life than
other tools can be expected! ⇒Making use of rubber elasticity

  • Selecting a material that suits the condition of the work piece, and combining together with the processes of other tools is also important.

By adjusting the rotation speed and making use of rubber elasticity, the grinding stone can be made to adapt to curved surfaces, and jumping and
chattering of the work piece caused by hitting can be eliminated. This not only enables proper alignment with the work piece to achieve a stable polishing surface, but enables polishing with less workload.

  • Over-cutting and damage can be avoided, and even an operator who does not possess very high skills can safely perform maintenance of metal dies, de-burring of important sections of the product, as well as polishing.

Because the binder is of rubber, no dedicated tool and detailed settings are needed for truing and dressing.
This means that processing and dressing can be performed easily without too much effort and cost. This proves to be more effective during automation.

By adjusting the usage conditions, the generation of heat can be controlled to prevent heat damage, and the residual stress can also be reduced to a large extent.

The powder dust can be reduced to a great extent thus improving the operating environment.Large quantities of the grinding fluid are no longer needed, which contributes to a healthier environment.

There is a rich collection of rubber compositions that have been developed and accumulated over many years, depending on various operations of manufacturing and the usage purpose.

It is used in various operations due to its compatibility with a wide range of materials including metal-mold material, rubber, resins, and plastic, soft metals,
difficult-to-cut materials such as aluminum and SUS, brittle material with high hardness, and also different types of coatings.

 * It has been used for a long time in turbine blades of aeroplanes and nuclear power plants, and important components such as precision valves and superchargers, indicating that high reliability is also a big feature of Daiwa Rabin.

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