4.You may go for actual testing of the product for fast and accurate selection! Guide for selection

We can provide you with a test sample. You may contact us on phone.

You may go for actual testing of the product for fast and accurate selection!

Daiwa Rabin is an "elastic rubber grinding stone" in which rubber is used as the binding material.
It is difficult to identify a product from the work piece and requirements, and there may be several products used for the same process.
In the case of a grinding wheel, the abrasive grain is selected based on the material to be cut, however, this method is not applicable to Daiwa Rabin.
 Example: For aluminum, the C-series abrasive grain is selected in the case of a grinding wheel, but in the case of Daiwa Rabin, there are several abrasive grains such as WA, A, GC, and C.
As Daiwa Rabin is an elastic grinding stone, it can be easily affected by the various different states of the work piece, because of which anticipation may be difficult in some cases.

Please inform us in brief about the material of the work piece, operation details (such as removal of processing marks and burrs, or maintenance, etc.), and the desired grinding stone size.

We will provide details on products that can be tested and can be provided in a short period of time.

Try it out!

1. First of all, perform the basic task of confirming the grain size of the grinding stone (surface alignment)
In the case of a rubber grinding stone, the selection of the grain size may turn out to be a risky task.
Before considering the grain size from the surface hardness, it is important to confirm the grain size in accordance with the condition of the work piece.
Using a grain size that is too small would take up a lot of time, and due to the exertion of too much load, the wear-out of the grinding stone might increase.
2. "Cutting quality", "Polishing surface", and "Life of the grinding stone" are all inter-related
In addition, you can confirm the ease of fitting into the work piece, and the absence of occurrence of burns and clogging.
Since the requested sample might not be the answer to your requirements, in most cases, we ask you to evaluate the samples, so you can select the most suitable stone material.
We will select the grinding stone material (rubber features) based on a frank evaluation and in response to your requirements.
3. Once the standard of the grinding stone material has been estimated, we will also examine the formal test sample for you.
You can also evaluate the life of the grinding stone.

* If the ideal grinding stone for your operation can be provided, it will exhibit a high cost performance over a long period of time.

  • When performing the test, also confirm how to handle Daiwa Rabin: rubber elasticity.
    Daiwa Rabin, which is characterized by its "rubber elasticity", is different from grinding wheels and cutting tools for which the maximum allowable rotation speed can be considered as a recommended condition. It is difficult to provide the recommended conditions for Daiwa Rabin.
  • If you can give some time to selecting the grinding stone to be used by trying out different conditions and lowering the rotation speed and load, in addition to a stable polished surface and operation, the life of the grinding stone can be increased.
    It is not rare to spot examples where the life of the grinding stone has increased a few number of times only by changing the usage conditions. With features like rubber elasticity and the ability to be deformed according to the load, setting of favorable conditions acts like the main point that increases the performance of Daiwa Rabin.
  • You can confirm the excellent cutting quality that is unique to Daiwa Rabin and also the fact that the contact becomes soft as a result of adjustment of the rotation speed, and you can also note that because no dedicated dresser is needed, profile processing can be performed easily, and extra efforts for dressing are not required.
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