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  • Deburring,polishing,maintenance,hairline processing

Daiwa Rabin is being used in various operations

Daiwa Rabin is being used in various operations across a wide-range of "manufacturing" fields.
We understand that you may be using a wide-range of materials, and to match their different processing conditions and requirements,
we manufacture various types of products.

[Metal molds and molding]:Daiwa Rabin is also used in the manufacturing process, molding, and maintenance of metal molds and mold components Daiwa Rabin is known as a rubber grinding stone for polishing of metal molds.It can be used regardless of the type and material of the metal mold

  • Forging, aluminum die casting, press fine blanking, forming, extrusion, plastic molds, glass, rubber, powder metallurgy, MIM
  • It can be used with general metals as well as SUS and super-hard materials, and is not affected negatively by clogging of aluminum and brass, and heat-treated high hardness materials.
  • Also used for removal of the hardened layer in die milling electric discharge machining and scale removal in wire cutting, removal of processing marks during machining or on the grinding machine, scale removal during heat treatment, and also for "polishing", including mirror finishing of some parts, as well as polishing before and after flame spraying and coating.
  • Also used for polishing of molded parts, such as polishing of the casting surface of aluminum die  casts, and correction of molding burrs, scratches, and chuck marks.
  • Also in removal of adhering substances (*), mending and repair of burns, heat cracks, chipping, and breakages, and maintenance task for correction of depositions, rusting, and scratches.
  • We adjust the material of the grinding stone in accordance with the condition of the work piece and requirements of the processing surface.
    * Even stubborn substances such as the aluminum and mold wash of aluminum die cast molds can be removed easily without damaging the mold.

"* De-burring" [Machining]

* The performance of Daiwa Rabin is being put to use in the de-burring process that involves certain efforts and cost.

* We can provide details of sizes and shapes in accordance with the operation area or limitations of the equipment and tools used.

"Edge processing and edge honing of cutting tools and blades"

Rubber elasticity helps round up edges. When the requirements of the edge quality are not high, then as the final process important for the performance of the product,
Daiwa Rabin can also be used in edge honing, which requires the setting of the operation method and detailed usage conditions.

Sheet metals and canning[Welding,die molding,press fine blanking, forming,laser processing,polishing]

  • Daiwa Rabin is used in various operations such as removal of processing burrs, molding scratches, burns, and depositions, as well as polishing.
    If Daiwa Rabin is used after the rough processing, the process time is saved, and the workload of mirror finishing is reduced.
    If a high level of mirrored finish is not desired, Daiwa Rabin can also be used for finishing.
    Used for finishing of the welded bead cut. Daiwa Rabin can be used as is in a spot-welded nugget.
    ●Also used for back burns and sputter removal.
    ●Press and cutting burrs (thin materials).
    ●Also for curves and correction of scratches from forming.
  • * We can also provide details on sizes and shapes to match difficult-to-process joints ad corner pockets, or specifications matching your tools.

[Flame spray, coating / surface treatment / plating, painting]

  • Also used for flame spraying and coating of products and die components, specially super hardening and ceramic spraying where a lot of efforts are required for polishing.
  • Prevents improper backing finish during polishing before plating or painting, and can adjust the polished surface to the ideal adhesive strength.
  • The process of removal of substances adhering to the surface is best performed by a rubber grinding stone
  • * Can efficiently remove the stubborn aluminum and mold wash adhering on to aluminum die cast dies without damaging the surface of the die.
  • * Also in the process of removal of plating, paint-peeling and galvanized steel plates, alumite, coating, and sprayed surface.
    We also offer adjustment of the material in fine processes such as removal of dirt from soft metals and glass surfaces.
  • Hairline processing. Also known by another beautiful word like "Star line processing".
    Used in components of clock and thin-sheet SUS of digital home appliances.
  • * Helps achieve a form according to the design, controls scratches, and adjusts products for which stable mass production processing can be performed.
  • Also for polishing in order to perform inspection.
  • We provide products for automotive glass inspection, and for inspection equipment such as devices for steel plate inspection.
    Can also be used in polishing for inspection of the state of a structure, and polishing for mounting of inspection equipment.

We also use dedicated products for other special individual purposes.
Feel free to contact us in this regard.

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