2.Product Feature of the Daiwa Light

Cuts and Polishes with a Soft Touch

Daiwa Light image

Daiwa Light image

Daiwa Light image


  1. ① The conventional rubber grinding stone had limitations with regard to the peripheral speed. However, due to its light weight, you can use Daiwa Light without having to deal with this problem.
  2. ② You can use Daiwa Light for general purposes, with a variety of materials ranging from difficult-to-cut materials to non-ferrous materials.
  3. ③ Due to its foam structure and porous nature, clogging and generation of grinding heat is rarely seen, which enables continuous grinding.
  4. ④ The elasticity of the bonding material enables a soft contact with the object being processed and also helps adapt to curved surfaces.
    Also, less jumping and chattering during the operation allows Daiwa light to be used without any concern.
  5. ⑤ Daiwa Light can be used in both wet and dry conditions.
    * When using in a wet condition, use either water or a soluble oil.

Product Standard

Abrasive grain:
WA (developed in-house)
Available grain sizes:
Peripheral speed:
Recommended peripheral speed 33 m/s


LD type (blue)
The LD type provides high cutting quality whether it is used for p rocessing difficult-to-cut ma terials or n on-ferrous materials.
Also, because of elasticity of the bonding material, it does not leave deep scratches and provides an even polished surface.

LD Type


① Polishing after bead cutting
LD type
② Parting line and processing burrs
LD type
③ Removal of various metal cutting marks
LD type
④ Polishing after hardening, and rust removal
LD type
⑤ Surface finishing before buffing and plating
LD type

Standard Sizes

Outer diameter(D) Thickness(T) Hole diameter(H)
Φ150 15・20・25 Φ25.4※1
Φ205 20・25 Φ25.4※1
Φ255 25 Φ25.4※1

1 Φ12.7・Φ15.88・Φ19.05・Φ31.75

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