Polishing & Deburring Kit

A variety kit that includes CM, OX, and Diamond types.


1. 「CM Type」 #80 / #120 / #220

  • A long-selling type that is suitable for the general materials as well as Aluminum, SUS and nickel alloy. Grinding is sharply and polishing is softly.
  • Prevents secondary burrs and brings effective work.

2. 「OX Type」 #320

  • Suitable for polishing work. *More efficient using with CM Type.
  • Also suitable for surface finishing without causing scratches.

3. 「Diamond Type」 #1000/ #3000

  • Suitable for mirror finishing especially on SUS, carbide and material for hardening.
  • No need of post-processing like Diamond paste.
  • Both wet and dry processing are possible.


WA80 CM55 5-15-3 2
WA120 CM55 5-15-3 2
WA220 CM55 5-15-3 2
WA320 OX44 5-15-3 2
D1000 OX66 4-13-3 1
D3000 OX66s 4-13-3 1

Polishing & Deburring Kit

Polishing & Deburring Kit

Polishing & Deburring Kit


    1. Recommend to operate your device at a low speed.

  1.   The r.p.m. number on package box is the maximum number.
  2.   To use at high speed prevents working effectively.
    So, recommend to use from low speed.
  3. 2. Putting on safety glasses is indispensable.

  4.   Turn it at a low speed and make sure nothing is wrong, including run out.
  5.   Fit your device with a grinding stone in a proper and sure manner.

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