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Daiaw Rabin is a grinding stone made of elastic rubber.

It has a specific property called "rubber elasticity" that is not seen in other tools.
"Rubber elasticity" is very different from general "elasticity", which is characterized by deformation according to the load as well as a high amount of deformation.
Therefore, handling the Daiwa Rabin as a general grinding stone and cutting tool can be very dangerous.

* Example: As compared to the maximum allowable rotation speed of 42,000 r.p.m. of aφ19 vitrified mounted grinding stone, aφ20 to 25 Daiwa Rabin grinding stone has a maximum allowable rotation speed of 20,000 r.p.m., which is very different.

* Unlike a grinding wheel and cutting tool, increasing the rotation speed beyond the maximum allowable rotation speed is very dangerous in the case of a rubber grinding stone.

Use the grinding stone at a rotation speed lower than the maximum allowable rotation speed.

Rubber elasticity deformation
Rubber elasticity deformation

Because the amount of deformation also increases depending on the load, there is a possibility of damage due to deformation even when the grinding stone is used at a rotation speed below the maximum allowable rotation speed.

* The maximum allowable rotation speed does not guarantee safety

A large amount of deformation may result from the sudden application of load. Take special caution when starting the equipment.

Depending on the rotation speed, vibrations in the machine tools suddenly increase the vibration in the grinding stone.
Always use the grinding stone with inspected and maintained machine tools.

Use a tool in accordance with the condition of the work piece.

  • For grinding purposes, use a general wheel. Unnecessary use of Daiwa Rabin must be avoided.
  • Pressing the grinding stone too forcefully will generate a large amount of heat. If the cutting strength is insufficient, try changing the material of the grinding stone.
  • You can easily contact Daiwa Kasei and request for a test sample.

Besides too much pressing force, if the grinding stone is continuously in contact with a wide contact surface, a large amount of heat will be generated, and the strength of the rubber might decline due to the heat.
Change the specifications and usage method of the grinding stone, and also examine the use of a coolant.

Unlike a grinding wheel, because there is no bubble structure, the penetration of the adhesive is less and the strength of the bonding material (rubber) itself is less, which results in "deformation of rubber elasticity" in response to the load.

  • Depending on how the load is applied, that is, whether the load causes the adhesive joint to come off, or results in twisting, stress may get accumulated in the adhesive joint, causing the shank to fall out. Pay proper attention to the use of Daiwa Rabin in view of rubber elasticity deformation.

*In order to improve the balance between the shank and the grinding stone size, and the specifications of the shank (stone size and hole diameter for a straight grinding stone), which are the basis of stability, as well as the forming method that is particularly important in the case of a rubber grinding stone in terms of safety and stability of the grinding stone performance, revision of standards and specifications, and improvements in metal molds, specifications of the shank, and the manufacturing method are in progress.
In order to enable you to use Daiwa Rabin, which has a specific property called rubber elasticity, without any concerns, we can provide you with product specifications depending on your specific purpose of use. Feel free to contact us in this regard.

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