4.You may go for actual testing of the product for fast and accurate selection! Guide to safety

“DAIWA RABIN is a grinding stone made of elastic rubber


Operate your devices at the speed less than the maximum r.p.m.

(The maximum r.p.m. will be found on the package box, enclosed product description label (red) or posted seal.)

  • In general, the "DAIWA RABIN" products are heavier than elastic grinding stones of other types with anexception of Type AF.
    Pay attention to the maximum r.p.m., in particular, when .using a“ DAIWA RABIN"as a substitute.
  • Even when a“ DAlWA RABlN"is used within the maximum rp.m.,it may be bent and damaged if pressed too hard.
    Uneven wear or a degree of wear may cause the grinding stone to be damaged. Since the product suffers uneven wear, it will become run out more because of elasticity than grinding stones of other types. Stop using and put it to the adjustment.
  • Turn it at a low speed and nothing is wrong, including run out, before put it into operation.
  • Take a safe position or orient the grinding stone to a safety position when starting using a tool or device.
  • The grinding stone has rubber elasticity, and take care not to apply a sudden load to it.
  • It may be damaged or cause an accident because overheat reduces rubber strength when the grinding stone has a large contact area, is applied a heavy load or used continuously. Let it be radiated and cooled.
  • Ultra-violet rays deteriorate the grinding stone. Don't expose it to the sun when it is stocked.
  • Putting on safety glasses, a safety helmet and gloves is indispensable for using a grinding stone.

On top of the above, observe such instructions on using and stocking grinding stone as given below.

  • Use a grinder and any other devices which are well checked and maintenance.
  • Use a specific covers for grinding stone.
  • Fit your grinder and any other devices with a grinding stone in a proper and sure manner.
    Take care not to tighten the fiange of a wheel type grinding stone too much.
  • “DAIWA RABIN" grinding stones generate less dust than grinding stones of other types, but never fail to put on a dust protective mask.
    (The operator may suffer from a respiratory disease.)
  • Sparks may set dust on fire.
    Take proper measures to remove dust and prevent sparking.
  • Observe the basic instructions on stocking: Do not stock any grinding stone as it is left bent;
    Do not immerse it in water; Do not stock it in a highly humid place for a long period of time; Do not expose it to the direct sun; When unpacked, the grinding stone must be wrapped in a vinyl bag.

When subdividing grinding stones, show the operator the maximum r.p.m., hand in him such a guide book to safety attached to the product,and tell him to start using after being familiarized with how to use.

  • In the event that something unusuial was observed with the daiwa-rabin, Stop using it immediately and contact your distributor and telling them the product description and serial number.
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